Community Outreach Workshops

Our workshops are temporarily suspended during the pandemic.

Balance Your Checkbook

Learn the basics in order to take control of your finances

Nutrition Education

Learn about current topics such as proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals

Sign Language

Learn how to speak in another language using your hands


Learn the basics of speaking in Spanish


Adult Literacy

Beginning with the alphabet, learn how to read and speak English

End of Life Preparation

Learn how to create, store, and share important documents with your loved ones 

Join us in our very first English literacy class for adults.  This is a great step for beginners.

Give us a call to schedule your donation pick-up.  Make sure your donation is gently used and in good working condition.


Phone: 912-349-4669

Registered Charity: 83-4613837

Is your donation too large to fit in the store?  We can post it on this website for sale as well!